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Fahrenheit is a well established t-shirt printing company in Centurion. A very popular method of printing T-shirts is Heat Transfer. This is done using a printable media called Video Flex which can be digitally printed and then cut out in various shapes and sizes, the media is then heat pressed onto a garment or material such as shirts or bags. 

Facts of Video Flex Printing:

o This method is more cost efficient than screen printing on smaller quantities. Any     quantity can be     videoflexed, and any quantity is welcome.

o The turnaround time on your order is a lot faster, since there is no making of    screens involved.

o Full colour photos prints is of higher quality on videoflex, than with screenprinting,    which makes it the perfect solutions for very involved pictures or artwork.

o Bags and caps can also be videoflexed. We are however limited to use certain areas    of bags where our heat presses have access to the bag.

o Videoflex has a rubber like surface, therefore it is recommended to rather iron the   back of a videoflexed garment. Ironing unto the image will damage the videoflex    and might damage the garment.

o Ventilation of air might be limited when huge areas is videoflexed.

o Not all types of material can be used for Video Flex Printing. The denser the

   garment, the more likely your videoflex will last a long time. Fleece or wool

   garments won’t last, and is not recommended at all.

Thus, videoflex printing is the perfect solution for your smaller quantity printing of shirts, or very involved full color artwork. It is also fast and cost efficient.


Garments and boards

Screen printing is probably one of the most used methods of garment printing in the world. This method of printing is however used for printing on boards as well.

Screen printing begins with a design, preferably vector design, of normally 1-3 colors. More colors can be added, but this means more screens etc. to be developed.

For each color in the design a screen is developed, and colors get printed 1 color at a time. Before the next color is printed, there is a short drying period, to make sure wet inks don’t flow into each other.  After all the colors is applied, the garment will go through a heat curing process, and the board will be allowed a curing period of approximately 1-3 hours, there after it is packaged.

Most of this process is done by hand, which makes this printing method not the quickest method of printing, but is normally the most cost efficient on large qty’s of printing. The ink is also long lasting on most mediums, and therefore makes it the most trusted method of printing for long lasting requirements.

Due to the labor intensiveness and preparation needed for this method of printing, small quantities is extremely expensive. We advice our customers to do screen printing on quantities of 50 garments/boards, or more. For smaller quantities we recommend videoflex on garments and digital printing or vinyl printing on boards.

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