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Home We now do textile Sublimation!!

We are super excited to announce that Fahrenheit Signs and Printing Pty Ltd, can now provide sublimated textiles, as our newest service.

Our vision is to supply quality sublimation to our clients, and keep to lead times.

Brand New Division For Fahrenheit Signs & Printing What does Sublimated material mean to our client

- No more struggles for CMT companies, ready printed patterns

- Have a high quality print on printed material

- You can print and wear what your heart desire

- You can print your own material for designer dresses, table cloths, cushions, shirts

Things to know about textile sublimation

- Only a 100% polyester material can be sublimated

- Most sublimated material is colour fast, so colours lasts longer than cotton dyed materials

- Ink gets transferred to textiles at 220 degree celsius

- Only white material can get sublimated, we can’t sublimate unto dark material, another method of    printing like screen printing or videoflex printing must be used for dark material

- We use our own polyester material to sublimate (quality material used by CMT companies everyday)

- All different kinds of polyester material are be available (e.g.    )

Article: Dye Sub Printers Explained

Dye sublimation printers  are known for their high quality photographic output. As the technology continues to be improved, dye sublimation printers are bringing cost-effective high quality digital printing into the mainstream.

How Do Dye Sublimation Printers Work?

Dye sublimation printing starts with films that contain dyes. This will either be a single four layered film with cyan, magenta, yellow, and gray pigments or four separate films for each color. Because the films contain the pigments, they will appear red, blue, green, and gray.

During the printing process, the films are placed on the paper and heated up by the print head. This will cause the pigments to leave the film and enter into the paper where it cools re-solidifies. This is the "sublimation" part. Sublimation means to heat something and turn it into a vapor, then to form it back into a solid. Because the pigments go from solid, to gas, and back to solid, there is little mess compared to ink.

Source: https://www.eecis.udel.edu/~gibson/classes/101/DyeSub

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